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Sunshine’s Health Food Store and Vegetarian Deli, owned and operated by extraordinaire and raw food phenomenon, Chef Arga Bourgeois, has been on a lifelong path of health and wellness since 1983. Arga along with her father Vergis “Sunshine” Bourgeois has been operating their family business Sunshine's Health Food Store & Vegetarian Deli for more than 20 years. Her area of excellence is preparing natural and organic healthy vegetarian and raw foods into scrumptious tasty filling culinary creations while also being known as an authority on natural supplements and living a holistic life. Arga was raised in the Bahamas and Houston.
She was introduced to natural foods, herbs, and vitamins at the age 12 when her grandmother passed away from diabetes and her father did extensive research into finding out ways to live a healthier lifestyle. A graduate of Southern University, Ms. Bourgeois has worked in the industry of natural products and healthy lifestyles for most of her adult life.

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